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Ejector Pumps

What is a Sewage Ejector System?

Sewage ejector systems are used when a laundry room, bathroom, or other plumbing fixture is installed below the main septic or sewer line grade. They are typically installed in basements and are part of a larger system designed to pump both liquids and solids.

There is a key distinction between sewage ejection systems and waste water sump pumps – a vent. With a sewage ejector pump, a vent needs to be installed to run from the sump pump through the room. The top of the sump pit will be sealed so that no waste or odors can seep out of the basin.

How it Works

Sewage ejector systems are intended to sit in their own sump pit and should be kept away from your normal waste water sump pit. Similar to a sump pump, when waste water levels in the pit reach a certain height, a float is tripped. The waste water is then pumped up and out of the basin and to ground level. From there it is pumped to the sewer or septic tank.

If you have a sewer ejector pump in your home, you definitely want to keep it in good working order! This pump ensures that everything you flush down the toilet or down the drain gets pumped out of the house and into the sewer or septic line.

Regular maintenance is critical to keeping these pumps in good working order providing reliable service.

Roberts Service Company has the expertise to service, repair and replace ejector pumps. Below are some of the best that we install. Call us today at (269) 683-8549 to schedule your ejector pump maintenance.